Quality Policy

Neucin top management and its employees are committed to change patients' lives for the better by designing and delivering innovative and purposeful medical product solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations and meet required quality standards.

Neucin strives to design and engineer the best medical products in the world, complying with current regulatory requirements from concept to industrialisation to deliver high quality, safe, and effective product solutions. We thrive on a challenge and will use our expertise to pioneer sustainable and state-of-the-art solutions.

It is our policy to maintain an effective quality management system through regular review, measurement, and continuous improvement.

Quality Objectives

  • Neucin will work collaboratively and professionally with our clients, suppliers, and healthcare professionals to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and project realisation.
  • Neucin will employ and develop the best expertise and experience in the field.
  • Neucin will facilitate continuous improvement through regular review and monitoring of processes and systems.
  • Neucin will use a risk-based approach to enable innovation whilst maintaining compliance with regulatory and quality requirements.


Carol Balfour
Design Director
Finance & HR Director


Gavin Kovacs
Quality Director
Technical Director



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Effective Date: 29 Jan 2024
Review Date:  29 Jan 2025