Meet The Team

Gavin Kovacs

Gavin co-founded Neucin Design Ltd in 2017 and has over 17 years’ experience working across a variety of industries with a primary focus on medical device and life science product development.

Gavin’s career in industry began in 2002 as an engineering technical apprentice. Beyond the apprenticeship he quickly progressed through a range of product development, engineering and technical management roles contributing to the development and introduction of a variety of complex medical device products including more recently the Mylan generic Advair DPI platform.

Gavin’s experience in engineering leadership, ability to work across numerous technical disciplines throughout the project lifecycle up to industrialisation and product launch coupled with a demonstrated history working in the medical device industry enables Neucin Design to balance technical considerations with project management to deliver our clients projects.

Notable Aside

Gavin’s attention to detail and technical precision has led to him being mistaken for a robot on more than one occasion, but his programming allows him to take it all in good humour… Beedy, Beedy.

Carol Balfour

Carol co-founded Neucin Design Ltd in 2017 and has over 17 years’ design and development experience transcending a range of industries.

As a result, this has led to the launch of over 25 products across various markets and industry sectors.

Carol’s career in industry which began in 2002 has led to numerous product design, engineering and development roles across a span of companies, resulting in the development and introduction of a range of products including medical device, endovascular and cardiothoracic implantables, specialist healthcare products for critical care, consumer products, fixing systems and more recently medical devices for disease treatment via oral and intranasal administration.

Carol’s vast experience and ability to work across an array of disciplines throughout the entire product life cycle from inception through to product realisation enables Neucin Design to deliver our client’s product vision.

Notable Aside

Carol was once so inspired by the view of Barcelona from her hotel balcony that she inadvertently locked herself out. Luckily the unusualness of a Scottish voice drifting through the night air meant that a hilarious rescue was quick at hand.

Adrian Augusto

After graduating with an MSC in Product Design and Development, Adrian’s unique skillset and background in electromechanical and industrial product development has seen him work in a myriad of industrial, commercial and educational sectors.

Ranging from advertising and infographics, chemical milling design fabrication, (military and civil) radio and public audio distribution systems, pneumatic energy capture, solar and renewable municipal lighting, product brand development, prototyping technologies and commercial and medical product development and prototyping.

Adrian’s 17 year career of freelance consulting has also seen him hold various full-time, part time and guest lecturing and research positions in support of student and commercial development projects.

Adrian left a two year role of providing technical and development support to entrepreneurial start-ups to join Neucin in late 2017 following the completion of a series of commissioned support activities.

Notable Aside

Adrian once tried to “walk off” a broken ankle for two days (!) before succumbing to conventional medical treatment.


Henry Verity

Henry joined Neucin as an intern in July of 2020 after graduating with First Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering at the University of East Anglia.

During his time at the UEA Henry developed a key interest in medical devices when researching for his final year project where he went on to develop a non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring device. It was at this point when Henry met Carol and Gavin at the UEA’s annual SELECT careers event and was keen to join Neucin Design to start a career focused on the product development of medical devices.

Since joining Neucin Design, Henry has quickly progressed, making a significant and positive impact on the business. His keen eye for detail and hands on approach has allowed him to advance his design and technical skills and apply them across a range of projects. Henry looks forward to furthering his knowledge and progressing his career in the industry.


Notable Aside

After a long afternoon of interviews at the UEA’s annual SELECT careers event, Henry very nearly stood-up Carol and Gavin for his final interview, though he found the strength to persevere and put up with them for 10 minutes and now he has to put up with them every day!