We are a passionate, focused team of designers and technicians. We’re committed to partnering with clients to change patients’ lives for the better by designing and delivering innovative and purposeful cutting-edge medical manufacturing product solutions.

Drug Delivery

Medical design, devices, and systems for intranasal, respiratory, injection, infusion, and ophthalmic drug delivery.

Med Tech

Medical equipment design, devices and systems for organ care and preservation, transplant, surgical, critical care, digital therapy and monitoring.


Medical device development, devices and systems for point-of-care, digital health, patient monitoring and data analysis, clinical testing, and in-vitro diagnostics.


We specialise in developing medical device prototyping and life science products from inception to industrialised commercial platforms and applications. Our team of medical design engineer specialists always designs with superior usability, functionality, assembly, and manufacture in mind.

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At Neucin, we thrive on partnering with the country’s leading healthcare professionals to solve complex design challenges with passion and pioneering flair. Through our values, process, and facilities, we are single-minded in our pursuit of always designing and delivering the ideal solution. As experts in our field and one of the country’s most respected medical manufacturing companies, we understand the bigger picture and always think end-to-end.

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