UAT Device Platforms


Central to Neucin Design’s continued commitment to innovation in the medical device space, is our drive to establish drug delivery device platforms through internal innovation, research and development activities.

Neucin Design’s approach is driven by the exploration and adoption of technologies in order to recognise development prospects and exploit unique and strategic opportunities for both established and emerging markets

As a result Neucin Design’s UAT MDS (Microdroplet Delivery System) was born which can encompass a variety of delivery cores, each with a unique drug delivery pathway configuration and capability.

Each delivery core utilises an ultrasonic nebuliser technology platform which is capable of aerosolizing a range of medical and commercially available liquid formulations and can be coupled with a series of device variants to meet the needs of specific market and use-case requirements.

“Customisable drug delivery platform for next generation medical and commercial formulations and markets.”

The UAT MDS Nebuliser allows for the removal and replacement of the delivery cores to tailor the required drug delivery pathway. In addition the delivery core, in conjunction with its unique device configuration for formulation specific variants, allows for the customisation and augmentation of the performance characteristics of the device to suit the user need and treatment profile.

A variety of devices could be developed harnessing the core technology and drug delivery platform in order to treat a variety of needs including for example urgent use for medical specialisis and first repsonders for overdose scenarios.

In addition the core technology and drug delivery device could be used for self-medication (self-administered), single use (limited multiple dose), treatment of seasonal ailments and viruses to long term Allergy Response, diseases management and recreational use.