Product Verification and Testing


Core to Neucin Design’s product development process is the capability to execute an extensive range of device tests and characterisation studies to ensure a continuous progression of engineering evaluation of the design is performed throughout the entire product development process.

Neucin Design understands how essential device testing and characterisation is to the products we develop and has established the in-house capability and expertise to design, develop, proceduralise, execute and report test outcomes. This result in the generation of accurate and reliable test results, evidence and data,  essential  for the progression of an efferent and focused product development process.

Coupling this capability with the product development process at Neucin Design ensures that not only are the products design intent and performance requirements met but exceed the functional, performance, quality, regulatory and safety expectations.

“In house capability for the execution of a range of device tests and device characterisation studies”

In-house expertise for test method and procedure development, implementation of protocols and SOP’s, establishment of document requirements, equipment programming, execution of tests, data analysis and input into the product development process.

In-house capability for the design, manufacture and optimisation of test jigs, fixtures and custom bespoke test equipment to support device testing requirements.

Capability to execute a range of tests including mechanical, functional, destructive and device characterisation including the characterisation of originator devices to establish benchmark generic requirements and acceptance criteria.