Dual Dose Disposable DPI


Based on Neucin Design’s experience in the design and development of both capsule and multidose dry powder inhalers coupled with our in-house concept feasibility and process development expertise, an internal project was undertaken to explore how this could harnessed and translated to a novel unit, dual or combination dose disposable inhaler platform.

Neucin Design’s internal process development and prototyping capability allowed us to quickly established a design that was not only discreet and simple to use but crucially utilised existing thermoforming manufacturing technology, is low cost, and is easy to assembly and fill in both low and high volume scenarios.

In addition Neucin Design’s expertise in the development of other inhaler device platforms enabled the device geometry to be optimised to achieve the required airflow characteristics critical for achieving a consistent and effective device drug delivery performance.

“A simple, discreet and low-cost unit or dual dose inhaler platform for use in a variety of applications and treatments”

A simple to use, cost effective, pre-filled, low profile and discreet inhaler platform which utilises already existing blister thermoforming, assembly and filling technology in a single simplified manufacturing process thus reducing capital investment and time to market.

Additonal device enhancements could be intgegrated to improve useability and user adherence, drug delivery performance and if required laminate material alterations for applications requiring superior barrier protection.

A device design and geometry which could be easily adapted to adjust the required airflow performance and need for different drug volumes depending on the designated use and treatment. For example, a substitute for a standard inhaler device when only a short-term trearment is required i.e. when travelling, on holiday, recreational activity, for emergency use or contingency in case of issues with an existing inhaler.